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The North-West Frontier of Rome

David Devine, A brilliant military consideration (1969)
The Roman Wall
Frank Graham, The comprehensive history and guide (1979)
Handbook to the Roman Wall
The History of Northumberland
John Hodgson
Eric Birley (1961)
A Walk Along the Wall
Hunter Davies (1974)
Along Hadrian's Wall
David Harrison (1956)
The Literary & Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne (Founded 1793)
The Premier Art Gallery in the North East
Operating Friday 22nd April to Sunday 30th October
Excellent blog site about the Wall and walking it
Now the repository for the Antiquities from Hadrian's Wall
The Premier Art Gallery in the North East
The Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle upon Tyne
A tour of the County of Cheshire and The Wirral Peninsula
Excellent, dedicated Walking site
David Simpson's informative site, Excellent Roman historical research
Durham university Research ref download the PDF
Excellent Roman historical research
Harry Johnson's excellent site for the Vindolanda Diggers!
Upsidedown pictures from our Southern Branch. (Lister's thoughts on Art as a word)
Emily's superb Artwork and Bags
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Segedunum to Pons Aelis
Pons Aelis to Condercum
Condercum to Heddon
Heddon to Harlow Hill
Harlow Hill to Portgate
Portgate to Chesters
Chesters to Brocolitia
Brocolitia to Vercovicivm
Vercovicivm to MC40
MC40 to Aesica
Aesica to Carvoran
Carvoran to Birdoswald
Birdoswald to Hare Hill
Hare Hill to Newton
Newton to Stanwix
Stanwix to Dykesfield
Dykesfield to Maia


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