West Woodburn - Northumberland, Circular Walk, Northumberland via (East Woodburn Bridge- Blakelaw - Linnheads -Whetstone House - East Woodburn)
West Woodburn circular walk

Location OS Landranger sheet 80

Start point NY 893 868

Length 8 Miles

How to get there On A68 Corbridge to Jedburgh road. 3 miles south of the Otterburn road.

A circular walk east from the village, crossing the river Rede then passing around the valley of Lisles Burn. Beautiful views in all directions.

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Start:- Park in layby on the Bellingham road 200yds from A68, From the Bay Horse walk north on the A68 for about 50 yards taking the first lane right, before the Post Office.

Follow the lane round a sharp left hand bend towards a housing estate then take the lane to the right and follow it out of the village passing Cherry Trees Cottage on your left. Follow the lane round a right hand bend by Yellow House Farm. There is a junction but continue straight on you will pass Peel Cottage with its engraved pillars.
Continue along the lane and where there are two wooden farm gates on your left opposite Ingram Cottage a signpost showing "Public Bridleway".This walk goes through the second wooden gate and up the field ahead keeping a stone wall to your left. there is a broad gap in the wall ahead.

Follow the faint pathway beyond the gap, veering slightly right toward a stand of pine trees. you will not miss the roadway ahead . Take the roadway right, down the hill to East Woodburn Bridge. (This is not East Woodburn The lane leads there )

Over East Woodburn Bridge follow the roadway right. It swings upward left and away from the River Rede.

When a stone wall appears ahead you will see a gateway down to your right.

Leave the roadway and passing through the gate take the broad pathway beyond.

This pathway leads down to the River Rede and the east end of the stepping stones over the Rede from Townhead. The stones can at times be used but they are unreliable and I have chosen to bypass them on this walk.

Above Photo :- the stepping stones under water (May 2013)
Beyond the stepping stones take the path across the field to a metal railed bridge.

Do not cross the bridge continue on the path to the left over a stile and along the bank of the Lisle Burn.

The path crosses a ladder stile. Take the track right, on the other side of the wall, past the old railway truck.

The path passes to the left of the building ahead over the cattle grid and left at the minor road,

away from Chairford Bridge.

Over the road pass through the gate following the signpost to Knowlesgate.

The path goes through the gate to the left hand side of the property ahead, Woodburn Hill, and continues straight on following the stone wall on your right.

Before getting there it's worth a look back to Redesdale and the village of West Woodburn
Having got to a right hand corner in the wall, where there is a small wire-fenced enclosure, you will see the chimney of a cottage ahead of you, head for this.

A stile leads into the grounds of what has been a deserted building but would appear to be in the process of renovation (Oct 07). Pass in front of the buildingover a stile to aanother stile over the fence, slightly right.

Walk on the same line up the field ahead and you will see a stone wall across your path with another joining from the other side at right angles. To the right of this join there is a stone stile. Cross over and follow up the field keeping the wall to your left.

Harewalls Farm is up to the left.

At the end of what is now a fence cross the metal gate on the left and immediately right through a wooden gate into a small wood.

The path through the wood drops down over a stream and up some steps to emerge at Blakelaw Farm.

The new pathway passes in front of the farm and the walk continues along a lane reached through a metal gate.

The lane proceeds to Linnheads House.

Turn right at Linnheads House follow the road down the hill with a reservoir to your left.

This is the furthest extent of the walk and the return will be by paths on the other side of the Lisle Burn.

Over the bridge at the reservoir follow the lane uphill over a cattle grid pass the cottages and beyond them at the next cattle grid turn right down the grassy track with the huge Beech tree in the field to your right.

Take the grassy path down to a rusty gate and follow the grass track on the other side up the rise to a stone bridge.

This bridge is over the track of an abandoned railway.

Do not cross the bridge but continue on the track, which after a short distance turns right downhill.

Follow this path as it wanders up and left towards the right hand side of wood enclosed by a stone wall.

Pass the wood, go through a gate then straight ahead to Whetstone House.

The lane you are now on will take you to East Woodburn.

From here the walk continues straight ahead to the A68 then a short drop back to your start in West Woodburn

For consideration, when using the countryside

This selection of walks in Northumberland follow recognised public rights of way or permissive paths and should be easy for most people to negotiate: but please remember that wet and winter weather can make paths muddy in places and the summer months produce fresh growth of vegetation - so wear suitable clothing and footwear.

If on any of these walks you find obstructions, or damage to stiles or footbridges which make paths impassible, please report these details as soon as possible to the countryside department of the Local or National Park authority responsible for the area.

Relationships between local farmers and those who use the footpaths are generally very good and there is no reason why they should not remain so given reasonable attitudes and understanding. Remember that the countryside is the farmers' livelihood, so please observe the Country Code : keep to the paths; close gates after you ; and take care not to cause damage, or leave litter; keep your dog under control; and leave all wild flowers for others to enjoy.

Taken from: Country Walks in East Tynedale by Philip R. B. Brooks (1978)NBM Sept 2009

Dogs in the countryside :-

On Rights of Way - Dogs must be kept under close control, preferably on a short lead.

On Access Land - 1) Keep your dog on a short lead from 1 March to 31 July this to protect ground nesting birds from disturbance

2) Local restrictions may include a ban on dogs.

3) Note that restrictions do not apply to Guide/Hearing dogs, or if you are using a public right of way

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