Barmoor Castle

Location OS Landranger sheet 81 NT 997 398

How to get there From the B6353 Ford to Lowick road. 1/2 mile west of Lowick

Thomas de Muchamp was licenced to crenellate here in 1341. Restoration of the castle was completed in 1892. but it is again ruinous.

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FInal picture supplied Sept/2020 by Martin Plaut from a Sitwell family album received with many thanks. nbm.


NT988398/Ruin/Access to surrounds

Barmoor Castle, now the centrepiece of a caravan and chalet park, was the medieval home of the Muschampe family. It was first recorded in 1341 when a licence to crenellate was granted to Thomas de Muschamp, In 1415 there was recorded a tower here occupied by John Preston that in 1514 was capable of holding thirty horsemen. It from this Castle site in 1513 only a year earlier that the English army began their march to meet the Scots army at Flodden Field where the Scottish King James IV was killed. However by 1541 it was in ruins and in 1550 reportedly had been 'cast down by the Scots and not repaired'.

A stone on a fireplace recorded a restoration in 1584 by George Muchamp, his heirs were impoverished for supporting the King in 1661 and it passed to the Carrs of Etal who also carried out work on the house in the 1680s. It was added to and altered during the 19th century being rebuilt as a country house in 1801 and the present structure was not finally completed until 1892.

This castellated mansion, incorporates some towerhouse wall 1.2m-1.4m thick.

It is also known as, or recorded in historical documents as; Barnmoor; Bairmoor; Byermore; Barmor; Barme


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