Gunnerton Castle - Northumberland
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Gunnerton Castle

(Money Hill)

Location OS Landranger sheet 87

NY 908 757

How to get there From Gunnerton Village follow the Birtley road down over the burn take the sign to Gunnerton Fell. The Castle is in the woods on the far side of the Coal Burn, less than 1/2mile.

A superb Motte and Bailey site. For another, see Elsdon

While sightseeing around charming Gunnerton village, one of the attractions one should never miss when you are in the area is a visit to Gunnerton Castle also known as Money Hill or Dungill Wood as it is more popularly known and recorded in historical documents. While we cannot expect the same number of accommodation options and choices such as those offered by Cape Verde hotels during your holidays to the Cape Verde islands you can expect guesthouses and inns around Gunnerton and its surrounding areas where you can rest and relax after a day spent exploring and sightseeing.


In the parish of Chollerton. Standing above the confluence of the Coal and the Gunnerton Burns, in Dungill Wood. Mid C12 Norman motte and bailey castle surviving as an earthwork.

Thought to have been erected by Ralph de Gunnerton.The conical motte stands to a height of approximately 5m and measures 30m across at the base and 10m across its circular top. There is a large hollow 3m across at the top of the motte, the result of partial C19 excavation. A ditch 2.5m wide surrounds the motte.

The bailey lies to the east of the motte. The name of "Money Hill" derives from a tradition of supposed hidden treasure and may account for the hollowing out of the motte. Dungill Wood

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