Newport Castle and Old Castle (Hen Gastell)-Pembrokeshire Wales

Newport Castle,(Pembs) Wales

Location OS Landranger sheet 145 SN 057 388

How to get there Newport bestrides the A487 in West Wales between Cardigan and Fishguard

Following earlier destructions, the present residence was built into the gatehouse by the Lloyds of Bronwydd in 1859.

This is a Private Residence

More details in "The Gatehouse"

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Newport Church with Norman Tower
Newport Old Castle (Hen Gastell)

SN 057388 /Habitable/Private House

The castle was founded at end of C12 by William Fitz Martin, then taken by Llywelyn the Great in 1215 and having been rebuilt destroyed again along with the town by Llywellyn ap Gruffydd (Llywelyn the Last) in 1257. A further rebuild in stone was attacked and destroyed by Owain Glyndwr during the Welsh uprising of 1400 to 1409. The remains date from C13 and consist of towers, gatehouse and cellars.

The castle is a roughly quadrilateral ringwork, circled by a wide moat, part of which appears to have been utlised as a fishpond. In 1543 the lordship was bought by a prosperous Welsh lawyer, the father of George Owen of Henllys, famous for his Description of Pembrokeshire. The castle consists of a massive gatehouse flanked by two circular towers, the dungeon tower on the southwest and the Hunter's tower on the northwest. The relatively vulnerable southeast side was protected by a large D-shaped tower. Adjoining this are the remains of part of the chapel and a vaulted crypt. A vaulted dungeon remains in the aforementioned southwest tower.

There are remains of a curtain wall and of four towers at the angles of the work, one of which, the gatehouse, now forms a private residence.The castle is privately owned and some restoration work is being done, after which there will be some access for the public. Part of the castle can still be viewed from across the road. The Court leet of Barony still meets today and the present Lady Marcher exercising the privilege of nominating the Mayor of Newport every two years, Trefdraeth

Newport Old Castle (Hen Gastell)SN 058395 /Traces/Access

Newport was incorporated as a Norman borough, in the Lordship of Cemaes in the early 13th century. The crescent shaped earthwork, known as Hen Gastell on the estuary to the north of Newport castle is probably the site of the first wooden stronghold of William Fitz Martin, (he had been ousted from Nevern by the Welsh Prince Rhys ap Gruffydd in 1191). The ringwork is now overgrown and damaged.

Long Street; Trefdraeth

I came across this castle while on a short break in Wales.

With many thanks for the information provided in the leaflet published by PLANED and obtained from the National Trust information centre in Newport (Pembs)


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