Northumberland's Castles

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There are considered to be over 70 castle sites in Northumberland and while we have many of the finest in England others are ruins and some no longer exist. A few are in private hands and not open to the public so it may be that only with the owners permission will I be able to do them justice. Others are in the care of English Heritage or The National Trust and one way or another I will try to show them here. I offer the pictures in this website as a taste of the rich legacy of the history of our county.

This site plans to offer images of all the Castle sites in Northumberland

The locations are as shown on the map. you can go to each page from the Google place marker and return to this map by clicking the Castles icon top left on each page. The list on the left will take you direct to the castle page of your choice.

For a list of the Castles and their OS Reference positions click the A _ Z icon this also provides the condition and accessibility of the sites.

My intention is to picture Northumberland's Castles, show them as they are now and leave the fine detail to others. Philip Davis' superb website "The Gatehouse" and Mike Salter's book, The Castles and Tower Houses of Northumberland (Folly Publications 1997), Borderland Castles and Peles by Robert Hugill (1939), Castles of Northumberland by B. Long (1967) and The Castles of Northumberland by Frank Graham (1976) are quoted in the histories offered on the individual Castle pages I have picked their brains as to where the castles are, or were, and what one might now expect to find. I do not intend to cover Towers, Forts, Bastles and Keeps of which there are many, the sites in this list are known as Castles. N.M.April 2007

With many thanks to Mr. Philip Davis for permission to use the considerable "Gatehouse" archive.

Disclaimer - Please note that the information in this list has been compiled from a number of different sources. And I can accept no responsibility for any inaccuracy contained therein. If you wish to use/copy any of the images, please ensure that you read the Copyright information provided in any of the websites that the northofthetyne website links to and my own. NM

Many of these Historic sites are "Listed Buildings" and should be treated with due respect on any visit.

Artwork, Photographs and Site Design are Copyright © 2007 ,

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