West Woodburn, walk, Northumberland

Some images from the "North of the Tyne" walk
1ww  West Woodburn, the Bay Horse Inn 33ww  The "county ride" path and East woodburn Bridge 32ww  East Woodburn Bridge 2ww  Near Townhead on the banks of the River Rede
10ww  More trees along the way 31ww  A well used gate latch 3ww  Ingram Pool on the River Rede, near Townhead 4ww  Stepping stones across the River Rede near Townhead. These are now unsafe and not part of my walk
5ww  A bridge over the Lisle Burn that leads to East Woodburn 6ww  A shady pool on the Lisle Burn 9ww  Chairford Bridge, East Woodburn 7ww  East of Chairford Bridge
8ww  Another view East of Chairford Bridge 11ww  A tree growing out of a wall east of Chairford bridge 12ww  An unidentified farm building on the path to Blakelaw 13ww  A view back to the same building
14ww  Ancient stone stile near Harewalls 15ww  Harewalls Farm 16ww  Watercourse on the Lisle Burn at Linnheads 17ww  A huge Beech tree near the crossing of the Risey Burn
18ww  Another look at this magnificent Beech 19ww  Near the Risey Burn 20ww  I tiptoed past this chap in 2007. 21ww  Acess bridge over the railway cutting of a dismantled line.
22ww  The track from the bridge down to Whetstone House 23ww  Approaching Whetstone House 24ww  Nearer still to Whetstone House 25ww  Leaving Whetstone House on the narrow track to East Woodburn
26ww  Holly in the siderow hedge 27ww  The track meanders toward East Woodburn 28ww  A quiet spot for a cottage 30ww  Pasing through East Woodburn
29ww  A Bastle House on the eastern outskirts of West Woodburn.