Mouth of The River Tyne

Photos from 2017 Shields Ferry etc
Tyne1  Morning sunlight looking to the river mouth. Tyne2  The High and Low lights a glipse of the priory beyond. Tyne3  The "Pride of the Tyne" moored at the South Shields Jetty of the pedestrian ferry Tyne4  The "Spirit of the Tyne" Approaching the North Shields Jetty
Tyne5  Friday morning South Shields, off to the market Tyne6  The "Clearwater" making its way upriver. Tyne7  The "Norwegian Jade" one of the world's most luxurious cruise ships on a visit to the North East. Tyne8  The huge "Balmoral" at the passenger terminal.
Tyne9  " HHL Lagos" supported by tugs and the Pilot boat steadily making its way upriver. Tyne10  A car transporter near Smith's Dock. Tyne11  The Herd Groyne Lighthouse seen from above the North Shields Terminal Tyne12  Tynemouth Castle and the Priory seen from the South Pier of the River Tyne
Tyne13  The DFDS ferry makes its entry into the Tyne about 9am Friday. Tyne14  The lighthouse at the end of the South Pier. Tyne15  Morning the North Pier lighthouse in the distant mist