Corbridge - Northumberland

A sunny day in one of Northumberland's interesting towns
CB1  A view west of the River Tyne from the bridge cb2  The Bridge and the Tyne cb3  Looking East down the River Tyne from the Bridge, Corbridge cb4  Another view of the river
cb5  Approaching the town from the free carpark on the south bank cb6  the Iconic "Angel Inn" at Corbridge cb7  From the "Angel Inn" looking down to the bridge cb8  I'm sure this is a very old Rolls Royce !!
cb9  Now a beautiful Ferrari nice town this. Can you park on a double yellow with a car like this? cb10  There are some interesting antique shops in the town and Art Galleries cb11  From upstairs in the Antique emporium cb13  Next door in "VeryEnglish" more modern artifacts
cb12  a choice of colours bags and materials cb14  Candles to suit every decor cb15  I've always been fascinated by this "sheep" in the shop window cb16  The "sheep" close up
cb17  A plaque In a park near the  Angel Inn cb18  St Andrew's church right in the centre of Corbridge cb19  The Pant in the market place cb20  Making the town bright in the sunshine
cb21  A Rose near the bridge cb22  Heading back to the car down an alley near the bridge cb23  Big chimney cb24  Old terracotta tiles.
cb25  Distances from the south end if the bridge at Corbridge. (Hexham is five miles west)