Berwick visit February 2016

Spittal , Tweedmouth, Berwick upon Tweed Pier
1Berwick  At Spittal Beach early morning 2Berwick  Lighthouse reflected on the wet beach at Spittal 3aBerwick  The Spittal chimney a listed building 3bBerwick  The sands at Spittal
3cBerwick  Patterns in the Spittal beach sand 3Berwick  Dog walking with the tide out on Spittal beach 4Berwick  The Spittal Chimney 5Berwick  Looking over to Berwick upon Tweed from the Spittal sands
6Berwick  Patterns on the sands, Spittal 7Berwick  A view over to Berwick upon Tweed from Spittal 8Berwick  A look across to the Berwick bridges with a Virgin train on the Border Bridge from Spittal 9Berwick  The lifeboat station at Tweedmouth
10Berwick  The Tweedmouth lifeboat 11Berwick  A old navigation marker in the River Tweed estuary at Tweedmouth 12Berwick  Another look at the Tweedmouth navigation marker 13Berwick  The old bridge at Berwick upon Tweed
14Berwick  Between the Bridges at Berwick upon Tweed 15Berwick  Some sunshine on The Border Bridge. 16Berwick  The end of the day a walk down to the lighthouse on the pier 17Berwick  Evening sunlight on the lighthouse
18Berwick  Waves against the pier. Berwick upon Tweed 19Berwick  Berwick Pier lighthouse 20Berwick  A last look at Berwick Pier lighthouse