Alwinton Border Shepherd's Show 2016

20 snapshots of a great day out
1-Alw16  Two super machines on show 2-Alw16  The roller saved from ruin at Beamish and returned and restored to its home in upper Coqutdale. 3-Alw16  In the Village signs to the Sheep dog trials 4-Alw16  One of the early runners among the dogs
5-Alw16  The trial field is on the bank of the River Coquet 6-Alw16  The River Coquet looking to the Show field. 7-Alw16  Some of the sheep were too much for the young dogs and took to the River. 8-Alw16  This marvelous dog did the tidying up after the escape attempt by the previous trial.
9-Alw16  The Rothbury Highland Pipe Band waiting its entrance on to the main arena. 10-Alw16  Drum Major David Brown brings the band to a stop before enty int the arena 11-Alw16  "Bonnie Dundee" some of the pipes from the Rothbury Highland Pipe band. 12-Alw16  Stalls with lots of goodies to suit every taste.
13-Alw16  Beagle headed walking stick 14-Alw16  Walking stick with one of Northumberland's native species 15-Alw16  The Northumberland Wrestling was great sport from start to finish. 16-Alw16  Under eights, competitive but never anything but sportsman like.
17-Alw16  Next age group in the Wrestling 18-Alw16  Semi-final for the All Weights 19-Alw16  The final fall in the All Weights, Final 20-Alw16  Thomas Brocklebank 2016 All Weights World Champion, Alwinton.