A Trip to Cragside (National Trust)

Home of Lord William Armstrong, the first house in the world to be lit using "Hydro-Electricity"
15Crag  The House from the car park 1Crag  Approaching the house from the carpark 2Crag  The main entrance to the house 3Crag  A look at the house frontage
4Crag  The "stables" garden shop and Cafe 5Crag  looking out through one of the windows of the cafe. 16Crag  Moss on the "Bunkhouse" roof 6Crag  On the estate carriage drive, you can take the car on a one way route.
7CragF  This is Crag Farm designed by Lord Armstrong 8GragF  A look at the unusual hay barn at Crag Farm 9Cragroot  A tree with it's roots around a rock at Cragend Quarry 10CragNmoss  "Nelly Moss Lake, South"
11CragBarn  I do like to record old barns that seem to be on their last legs this one is near Brinkburn. 12Cragbarn2  Another look at the old barn near Brinkburn 13RothDaff  Daffodills in Rothbury Village 14RothDaff  More Daffodills in Rothbury