2008 Top10

Best Pictures fron NorthofthetyneCam 2008
9BridgesCloseUp  The Swing Bridge and the Tyne Bridge. Newcastle upon Tyne 21AmbleYacht  Outside the Coquet Yacht Club looking up river towards Warkworth Village. 2Alnwick6  At the highest part of the wall that surrounds Hulne Park in Alnwick. looking towards Cheviot. 22HICastlefence  Lindisfarne Castle very early morning  we were on the Island for the day for the first time with the tide in.
16NBlythbeach  A Bairns bike has found it's way on to the beach at North Blyth. entertainersNlandSt  Entertainers on Northumberland Street, Newcastle upon Tyne. Seahouses10  The " Bright Horizon" aptly named this morning heading out of Seahouses Harbour. 13Newcastlescape  A Newcastlescape.
22HIReflect  Lindisfarne castle reflected in a transient pool. you may go for many years and not catch this image. 22HIcastledawn  Lindisfarne dawn,  looking south