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September 2012

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Castles and Walks in Northumberland

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Blawearie - Bewick Hill
A sunny walk on the fells near Alnwick

Northumberland's Castles

A Welsh Castle
Newport (Pembs)
Allen Banks
Thrunton Woods 2
Warkworth Beach
West Woodburn
Yeavering Bell
Lakes walks
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On the fells north west of Alnwick. A farmstead abandoned in 1948. It makes for an enjoyable walk when the sun is shining and is easiest approached from Old Bewick, Blawearie, Northumberland.

The farm building ruins. Blawearie, Northumberland.
Near the ruins is a large rocky outcrop. In the shelter of which there was a garden. Blawearie, Northumberland.
Among the rocks, Blawearie, Northumberland.
Near the path on the way up to the farmstead a burial cairn has been excavated in the last few years. The great mass of Cheviot can be seen in the distance. Blawearie, Northumberland.
Tracks through the heather, Blawearie, Northumberland.
On Bewick Hill standing high above Old Bewick there are a number of huge stones with iron-age "Cup and Ring" marks. Northumberland.
"Cup and Ring"marks, thought to be "Iron Age" Bewick Hill, Northumberland.
There are two spectacular Iron age forts on Bewick Hill. The views covered from here encouraged the government in the second world war to site concrete lookout emplacments. Bewick Hill. Northumberland.
From Bewick Hill there are excellent views toward Cheviot. Old Bewick, Northumberland.
Wansbeck-Boats- Cambois
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There is a private fishing club based at Cambois where there are a number of boats moored near the mouth of the River Wansbeck. Northumberland

A private fishing club based near the mouth of the River Wansbeck were happy to give me permission to take some photographs. Sandy Bay caravan park is on the other side of the estuary. Cambois, Northumberland
The boats moored near the mouth of the River Wansbeck come in all shapes and sizes. Cambois, Northumberland
At the mouth of the River Wansbeck there are boats that have not been to sea for a while, Cambois. Northumberland
A cheery terrier playing around one of the boats moored near the mouth of the River Wansbeck. Cambois, Northumberland
The butterflies arrived very late in our garden this year, but this red admiral was worth waiting for. North Tyneside
The late summer flowers in our garden. North Tyneside
A Peacock butterfly on a Buddleia frond, Our garden, North Tyneside
Garden visitors,.Two Red Admirals and a bee on a buddleia. North Tyneside
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