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October 2012

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Castles and Walks in Northumberland

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Cambois Beach - Boats, Wansbeck

Northumberland's Castles

A Welsh Castle
Newport (Pembs)
Allen Banks
Thrunton Woods 2
Warkworth Beach
West Woodburn
Yeavering Bell
Lakes walks
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Looking toward the hoppers at Blyth harbour, Cambois beach. Northumberland
A quiet moment with the bairn. Cambois beach, Northumberland
The natural black on the beach is coal. Here the coal is in fine grains. Many of the mines in the north east of England had seams running great distances out under the sea. Cambois beach, Northumberland
Looking across to Sandy Bay caravan park on the other side of the River Wansbeck estuary, Cambois beach, Northumberland
Looking north to Newbiggin by the Sea with the sun shining on the cliffs at Spital Point, Cambois beach, Northumberland
Entrance to the private fishing club at the mouth of the River Wansbeck. Cambois beach, Northumberland
Work in progress at the private fishing club at the mouth of the River Wansbeck. Cambois beach, Northumberland
I think this boat is now set on the headland for ornamental purposes. Cambois beach Northumberland
Edlingham - Hill Head - Bolton
Edlingham Castle lies in a vale to the north of the road between Rothbury and Alnwick, Northumberland

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Edlingham Castle, Northumberland
The church of St. John the Baptist, is a Mediaeval (11th century) and is mostly Norman. An ancient site, there may have been a church here since the 8th century, when King Coelwulf gave Edlingham (“home of Eadwulf”) and three other royal Northumbrian villages to Cuthbert. Edlingham, Northumberland
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Fodder baled for the winter at Hill Head. looking to the Cheviots, Northumberland
This Chapel was GradeII listed in 1969 and is described as a chapel of ease in the parish of Edlingham. Bolton, Northumberland
In the valley of the River Aln, Bolton is an ancient Northumbrian village. An early record shows of the establishment of a hospital, founded by Robert de Ros, Baron of Wark, before the year 1225 when a leper colony was established. Bolton, Northumberland
Apples trained against a wall in the estate behind the Chapel at Bolton, Northumberland
Can cattle "Hog the road"? Black Angus near Bolton, Northumberland
Looking to Cheviot over the fields and farmstead near East Bolton, Northumberland
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Morpeth High Stanners, Big waters at Brunswick Village
Cockenheugh, St. Cuthbert's cave, Ashington -War Memorial
Cambois Beach, Edlingham Castle/Church, Hill Heads, Bolton Village
Blawearie- Bewick Hill, Cambois River Wansbeck.
Whitley Bay, Tynemouth Priory views
River Allen, Bolam - Bothal - North Shields - Alnwick
The Shields Ferry, Out and about evening at Bolam-Ogle-Whalton
Crummock Water, Lake District, St Peter's Basin - River Tyne
Wallington Hall (NT), Yeavering Bell & Ad Gefrin
Aydon Village and Castle, Chollerton & Barrasford
Newbiggin by the Sea, Tynemouth
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