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April 2012

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Castles and Walks in Northumberland

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Wallington Hall (NT)

Northumberland's Castles

A Welsh Castle
Newport (Pembs)
Allen Banks
Thrunton Woods 2
Hadrian's Wall 1
Warkworth Beach
West Woodburn
Lakes walks
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Wallington Hall is a National Trust property 12 miles west of Morpeth near Cambo village This impressive bridge rises over the River Wansbeck at the south of the estate. Wallington Hall, Northumberland.
The property was donated to the National Trust in 1942 by Sir Charles Philip Trevelyan, the first donation of its kind. This view is of the Hall as seen from the road up from the bridge. There are walks through a variety of gardens, shrubberies, lakes and woodland, and the paintings in the main hall of the house are spectacular. Wallington Hall, Northumberland.
The four stone heads which greet the visitor to Wallington are those of the gryphons who once supported the coat of arms of the City of London on Bishopsgate, one of the old gates of the city. Sir Walter Calverly Blackett, then owner of Wallington, bought the heads when the gate was demolished in 1760. Wallington Hall, Northumberland.
The Clock tower, Wallington Hall, Northumberland.
One of the large gates surrounding the walled Garden, Wallington Hall, Northumberland.
The huge greenhouse in the Walled Garden. Wallington Hall, Northumberland.
The Boiler house for the Greenhouse. Wallington Hall, Northumberland.
We were visiting before the gardens had really got into their glory, but these tulips had made a start. Wallington Hall, Northumberland.
Signs of spring in the Walled Garden at Wallington Hall, Northumberland.

Yeavering Bell & Ad Gefrin
This is Yeavering Bell seen from the site of Ad Gefrin. The Yeavering Bell is a twin-peaked hill near the River Glen and forms part of the Cheviot Hills. The hill, 361 metres above sea level, is encircled by the wall of a late-prehistoric hillfort. Around 1300 years ago timber halls stood here marking the site of the royal residence of early Anglo-Saxon kings. In AD731, and shortly after its abandonment, the scholar and saint, Bede, records that  while king Edwin and his queen were residing here, the queen’s bishop, Paulinus, baptised many in the nearby river Glen. Old Yeavering,  Near Wooler, Northumberland
The placename Gefrin, which is a Brittonic name meaning ‘hill of the goats’, survives as the modern Yeavering, Northumberland.

I hope to add the information of the Walk from Ad Gefrin to the Summit of Yeavering Bell some time soon. NBM

This is the "Battle Stone" sitting at the foot of Yeavering Bell. Named for a battle between English and Scottish forces in 1415. The stone was here long before then. The "Menhir" is thought to be bronze age in origin. In Britain that is from c. 2,500 until c. 800 BC. Yeavering, Northumberland.
Near the present hamlet of Old Yeavering this dilapidated building is known locally as King Edwin`s Palace” (GR NT924301) it is thought to be the remains of a Pele house. Old Yeavering. Northumberland.
A proud stance, Yeavering, Northumberland.
Looking west at the scattered walls of the iron age hill fort. Inside the ramparts the platforms of about 130 timber-built roundhouses have been counted Yeavering Bell Northumberland.
A couple admire the view from the eastern summit of Yeavering Bell, Northumberland.
The eastern summit cairn and the view north east Yeavering Bell, Northumberland.
The view south west towards Cheviot, Yeavering Bell, Northumberland.
Looking down to the Ad Gefrin site (The light coloured field in the middle distance). from the northern walls of the iron age hill fort on Yeavering Bell, Northumberland.

Northumberland is England's Secret !


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