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June 2010

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Castles and Walks in Northumberland

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Old Swarland

Northumberland's Castles

A Welsh Castle
Newport (Pembs)
The Old Hall, Old Swarland, Northumberland

Flowers cling to a wall, Old Swarland, Northumberland

An old McCormick tractor, Old Swarland, Northumberland
An evening storm, near Foxton, Northumberland
Another view of the same storm, near Foxton, Northumberland

The rapeseed oil crop is in full flower all over the county, Northumberland
An evening sun across the Oilseed Rape, Northumberland

Rapeseed oil comes from oilseed rape, a root vegetable and cousin of mustard cabbage. The name is derived from the Old English term for turnip rapum.

There is a Northumberland company selling the oil on line Yellow Fields

Planetrees and Walwick on Hardian's Wall
Planetrees Farm, near Chollerford, Northumberland

A view across the Military Road, Planetrees, Northumberland

A Hadrian's Wall walker admiring the Roman remains at Planetrees, and the view over the valley of the North Tyne, Northumberland
In 1801 William Hutton then aged 78 years walked and chronicled the Roman Wall in both directions and was instrumental in saving this length from being used as building materials for the farm by Henry Tulip Esq. the then owner of the land at Planetrees. We are in Hutton's debt that it survives today. Northumberland
The join where the "Broad Wall" and "Narrow Wall" meet at Planetrees, Northumberland

This splendid oak tree is near Black Carts, Northumberland

This is on the line of the Hadrian's Wall defensive ditch "The Fosse". Black Carts, Northumberland
The line of Hadrian's Wall makes its way across this meadow approaching Black Carts, Northumberland
This aged pine is near Walwick Hall, Northumberland

An unusual little George V postbox, Walwick, Northumberland
Northumberland is England's Secret !

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