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April 2010

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Castles and Walks in Northumberland

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On the line of Hadrian's Wall - Nr. Harlow Hill

Northumberland's Castles

A Welsh Castle
Newport (Pembs)
Approaching the Iron Sign crossroads on the military road, Eppies Hill ahead, Northumberland

A superb stand of trees on the Whitchester road, near Iron Sign Farm, Northumberland
The Hadrian's wall path cuts in behind these roadside trees and back into the line of The Roman "defensive ditch", near Harlow Hill, Northumberland
The trees are just beginning to bud, but still have a wintery look to them near Harlow Hill, Northumberland
The hamlet of Harlow Hill, Northumberland
The house called "TRESCO" a few hundred yards south of Harlow Hill, Northumberland
The road south towards Ovingham, Northumberland
A lone tree , south of the stretch of Vallum, near Harlow Hill, Northumberland
The Alnmouth Village Golf Club, the second oldest Golf Club in England ( Blackheath is the oldest), Alnmouth, Northumberland

The "weekly ticket", is that £50 or £60 ? It looks reasonable anyway! Alnmouth, Northumberland

Thought to be the smallest Heritage Centre in England, many interesting photographs from the past and an information folder you can take out to the bench and enjoy while taking in the sunshine and the view, Alnmouth, Northumberland
Awaiting the returning tide, Alnmouth, Northumberland
More beached boats, Alnmouth, Northumberland

The difference between a ship and a boat was explained to me, not long ago, by someone who knows these things . Answer :- See bottom of the page

An unusually shaped boat, the yellow struts are made of a nylon type of material so I feel it's not ancient the wood was rotten however?, Alnmouth, Northumberland
Alnmouth Village, looking across from the other side of the Aln, Northumberland

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Northumberland is England's Secret !

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:- Answer You can put a boat on a ship but not a ship on a boat !!!

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Hoppings - Newcastle Town Moor : Hadrian's Wall - Housesteads Fort
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Bamburgh: Heddon Hall.
Military Road near Harlow Hill : Alnmouth Village - River Aln
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