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Castles and Walks in Northumberland

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Around Once Brewed - Hadrian's Wall
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Northumberland's Castles

A Welsh Castle
Newport (Pembs)
Peel Bothy approaching Steel Rigg near Once Brewed, Northumberland
A view of Hadrian's Wall climbing Peel Crags, Northumberland
Where the Pennine Way leaves Hadrian's Wall, Cuddy's Grags, Northumberland
Looking down on Crag Lough from Highshields Crags, Northumberland
A proud cockerel at East Crinledykes Farm, Northumberland.
Causeway House, a heather thatched building near Vindolanda, Built around 1770 thatched buildings are a rare sight in Northumberland
On a walk from Belford via Cuddy's cave
An old wooden Byre, Nr, Swinhoe Farm, Northumberland
An abandoned Limekiln, Nr. Cockenheugh, Northumberland
Sandstone outcrops, Cockenheugh, Northumberland
Inside a large cave at Cockenheugh, Northumberland
The track leading to the St. Cuthbert's Way footpath, Cockenheugh, Northumberland.
St. Cuthbert's Cave, Cockenheugh, Northumberland. A National Trust site
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Another wonderful old barn at Swinhoe Farm, Northumberland
Limekiln and footpath at Craggy Farm, Nr. Belford Northumberland
Cairn on the crags, Nr. Greensheen Hill, looking to Lindisfarne, Northumberland
Creswell and Druridge bay
The great sweep of the Bay, Druridge, Northumberland
Fisherman enjoying the sunshine, Druridge, Northumberland
Just one in the miles of dunes, Druridge, Northumberland
Sea coal on Druridge sands, Northumberland
Cresswell Village from the Beach, Druridge, Northumberland.
In the Hide at Cresswell Pool, Northumberland.
View from the Hide at Cresswell Pool, Northumberland.
Cresswell Tower, Northumberland. A worn inscription on the turret window is said to have read "William Cresswell, brave hero" and is said to have referred to a man who died in 1689 having rebuilt the adjacent old hall, now demolished. location NZ249394
Turret Cresswell Tower, Northumberland.
Northumberland is England's Secret !

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